Who should buy Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance plans are not always provided by employers. In the 60 or so years since World War II it has become customary for employers to provide workers with their health insurance plans. But this was not always the case. During the wage freeze of WWII, Employers were not allowed to raise wages to entice women to join the workforce. Their solution was to provide benefits, starting with health insurance coverage. This has since become an entitlement.

If you are:
1. 0 through 64 years old.
2. Currently uninsured.
3. If you are paying too much for your current health plan.
4. If you change jobs frequently and prefer to have an individual plan as a backup in case you are disabled.
5. If you are self-employed.
6. If you own a small business.
7. If your employer does not offer group health insurance.
8. If your employer offers to pay for an individual health plan on your behalf.
9. If you don’t like the choice of plan offered by your employer.
10. If you are on COBRA.
11. If you are on an expensive guarantee-issue HIPAA mandated health plan.
12. If you are on an expensive out of state health plan.
13. If you are on a health discount program that are frequently disguised as affordable health insurance. These plans are dangerous and are not true health insurance.
14. If you have been laid off or are in between jobs.
15. If you are forced to seek individual coverage due to a divorce.
16. If your employer’s plan does not offer you the providers you need.
17. If you missed your employer’s open enrollment period for coverage.
18. If you got dropped from your parents plan due to age (19 to 24) or lack of full time student status.
19. If you retired before age 65 and need to bridge coverage to age 65.
20. If it costs too much to cover your spouse and children under your employer’s plan.
21. If you just started your own business.
22. If you just immigrated to the U.S.
23. If you plan to travel to other states or countries for a part of the year.
24. If you are uninsured and don’t want to rely on government run county or state hospitals and clinics.
25. If you are a physician with your own medical practice.
26. If you are on a work visa in the U.S.
27. If you are visiting the U.S. for an extended period of time.
28. If you are a Foreign Student.
29. If your College or University does not offer any medical care outside of an on-campus clinic.

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